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Gmerek Government Relations, Inc. (GGR) is a Harrisburg based full-service political and governmental relations firm offering professional advice and services to non-profit organizations, local governments, and corporations that are leaders in their industry.

GGR’s professionals have spent many years developing relationships in the Harrisburg Capitol and within Pennsylvania state government and are known for their professionalism, ethics and attention to detail.

Our team members have served as staff to legislative leaders, governors, the state legislature, and have worked in government relations related businesses covering a wide array of issues in Pennsylvania.

GGR’s clients have unique needs that demand individual solutions. In today’s changing political environment, that means developing a focused message to decision makers. As decision makers face multiple issues, GGR fights for its clients by understanding its clients’ needs and applying the highest level of integrity and respect:

  • Secured funding for over 15 years to provide health care services for women.
  • Worked with a state association to create a business climate favorable for the expansion of natural gas exploration which will make Pennsylvania a leader in clean energy development.
  • Secured funding for community and economic development projects for local governments and governmental authorities creating new jobs and reviving downtown environments.
  • Secured new funding sources to support Pennsylvania’s largest public school district.
  • Secured successful approval of nearly $200 million in new spending to support the deployment of computer technology in Pennsylvania’s public schools.
  • Successfully secured legislation for over 15 years that is advantageious to the State’s motoring public.
  • Successfully worked to limit the effect of mandates placed on insurance companies from impacting the policies of a leading provider of supplemental insurance benefits.
  • Created a legislative remedy to assist a municipality gas utility to increase collections which became the framework of a law helping all utilities deal with decreased collections while at the same time expanding opportunities for low income customers to receive state assistance.
  • Led the effort to expand gaming for Pennsylvania’s racetracks which has not only saved Pennsylvania’s horse racing industry, but, for the first time, created a statewide program to provide property relief to Pennsylvanians.
  • Assisted a leading national company to secure the contract to operate the Pennsylvania Lottery which has resulted in increased profits to support programs and services to Pennsylvania’s senior citizens.
  • Successfully defeated a proposed tax for over 15 years for a corporate client. | Copyright ©2009, All Rights Reserved